​Mangoola Open Cut (Mangoola) is owned and operated by Mangoola Coal Operations Pty. Limited and is located near Wybong, New South Wales (NSW), approximately 20 kilometres (km) west of Muswellbrook, and approximately 10 km north of Denman in the Muswellbrook Local Government Area (LGA).

Initial intensive exploration began at the site in 1999 by Powercoal and Centennial Coal where a resource of approximately 180 million tonnes (Mt) of coal at a relatively shallow depth was identified. Project Approval was originally granted in June 2007 for the construction of an open cut mine and related infrastructure. In 2009, Mangoola Open Cut (then the Anvil Hill Project) was acquired by Xstrata Coal (now Glencore). Mining activities began in September 2010 with the first coal produced in February 2011.

Mangoola operates 24 hours, 7 days a week and will employ up to 450 people during the 21 year life of the operation. Mining is completed utilising truck and shovel mining methods to handle overburden and coal with a run of mine (ROM) coal extraction rate of 13.5 Mt per annum. Mangoola is a thermal coal mine which produces for both the domestic and exports markets. Coal is taken to the local Power Station or Port of Newcastle via the existing Hunter Valley rail network