‚ÄčThe Community Consultative Committee (CCC) provides a means for open discussion between Mangoola representatives, the community, the Council and other stakeholders. To enhance this close partnership, the CCC meets on a quarterly basis to:

  • Establish good working relationships between the mine, the community and other stakeholders in relation to the mine;
  • Review information on mining operations, the environmental performance of the mine and progress with any project approvals;
  • Comment on the mines environmental performance, discuss community concerns and to oversee the resolution of community complaints;
  • Provide advice on how best to communicate relevant information on the mine and its environmental performance to the broader community; and
  • Work together towards outcomes of benefit to the mine, immediate neighbours and the local and regional community.

The membership of the Mangoola CCC comprises of:

  • An independent chairperson;
  • Three -to -five representatives of the local community and other stakeholders;
  • One representative of the local council;
  • Two or three representatives of the company, including the person with direct managerial responsibility for environmental management at the mine.

For more information on our CCC minutes, click here.