​Mangoola blasts between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, with no blasting allowed on Sundays, public holidays or at any other time without the written approval of the EPA. Blasting is managed in accordance with the Mangoola Blast Management Plan and complies with the conditions outlined in the Environmental Protection Licence and in our Project Approval (06_0014).

Prior to blasting, a review of predicted and actual weather conditions is completed to ensure blasting activities are only carried out in conditions where impacts on the environment and community can be minimised as much as possible. 

Blasting occurs usually in the overburden material after the vegetation and topsoil has been removed and stockpiled for reuse during the rehabilitation process. Blasting is required to break the underlying rock into a size fraction that can be handles by excavators and dump trucks.

We monitor blast overpressure, ground vibration and dust exposure from all blasting activities to ensure we maintain compliance with all relevant conditions in our Project Approval and Environmental Protection License.

During 2015, an average of 2.4 blast events occurred per week at Mangoola Open Cut with a maximum of two blasts per day. Mangoola's blast schedule changes on a daily basis due to adverse metrological conditions and operational constraints. For information regarding the upcoming blast schedule and information regarding road closures please contact us on the Community Response Line and Blasting Hotline 1800 014 339.