​We recognise that noise generated from mine related activities is a potential impact on nearby residents. To reduce the level of impact the operation has on noise levels, we have implemented a number of design and operational controls to manage noise generation.

Design controls to manage noise generation:

  • The Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP), coal stockpiles and associated infrastructure are located near the eastern site boundary to maximise natural topographic shielding and reduce noise impacts on surrounding areas; 
  • The CHPP and crushers are enclosed and conveyors are shielded;
  • The construction of a noise bund to the south of the operation; 
  • The location of the rail loop maximises natural topography to shield noise and a four metre high noise barrier is located on sections of the track; and 
  • Noise impacts have been considered during the mine planning process.

Operational controls to manage noise generation: 

  • Controlling mine noise at the source through the use of equipment with appropriate sound attenuation fitted, where practical;
  • Maintaining mining equipment to high standards to noise emission criteria; 
  • Restricting, where possible, operations on outer dump faces or elevated dumps in sensitive areas during adverse weather conditions; 
  • Ensuring trucks operating during the night time are restricted to operational areas below the maximum elevation of the overburden emplacement areas; 
  • Using unattended continuous (real time) noise monitors that incorporate automatic alarms to allow implementation of proactive controls; 
  • Silent horns on loading units, where applicable; 
  • Broadband reversing alarms on mine equipment, light vehicles and contract equipment/pit vehicles where practicable; 
  • Rubber tyred dozers used on dumps at night where possible;
  • Conducting noise management training with relevant personnel; and
  • Undertaking the process of change management when operations change, including mining in new areas or when mining equipment changes.

Noise monitoring at Mangoola Coal is undertaken in accordance with the approved Mangoola Coal Noise Management Plan. This system is designed to comply with Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) No, 12894 and the noise control conditions in the Mangoola Coal development approval. Noise monitoring includes the following: 

  • Monthly attended monitoring at nine monitoring locations to represent the privately-owned affected residences; 
  • Bi-annual attended noise monitoring at 23 locations as required by the EPL;
  • Unattended monitoring at six permanent monitoring locations with an additional three mobile units which are relocated as per needs basis; and
  • Quarterly traffic noise monitoring at Wybong Road