​Mangoola Open Cut is committed to conducting sustainable mining operations, whilst promoting and implementing industry best practice rehabilitation and environmental management. Before open cut mining commenced, we completed an Environmental Assessment to characterise the baseline environmental conditions, with potential impacts from mining activities identified and assessed in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Mining activities at Mangoola Open Cut are carried out in accordance with our Environmental Management System (EMS). The purpose of the EMS is to: document and implement the systems and processes which guide environmental and community management across the site; ensure adherence to our statutory requirements; and to manage compliance with our regulatory approvals and licenses.

Within the EMS are management plans, procedures, standards, objectives and targets which describe the relevant controls to be implemented to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment and community. These supporting documents are periodically reviewed and updated over the life of the operation in accordance with the Project Approval and EMS requirements. Regular inspections and periodic audits assess our performance against these objectives and targets and identify opportunities for improvement.

We regularly carries out significant environmental monitoring to enable assessment of our environmental performance. This monitoring includes:

  • Air Quality;
  • Water Quality;
  • Blast Vibration and Overpressure;
  • Noise Monitoring; and
  • Ecological.

The data from the above monitoring is analysed by our staff and is stored in the Environmental Monitoring Database. Environmental monitoring results are available on our website and are updated quarterly.

Mangoola reports on its performance each year through the production of the Annual Review (AR) which is distributed to regulatory authorities and the Mangoola Community Consultative Committee. These reports are also available on our website.